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Wij leveren artiesten van over de hele wereld, maar zijn natuurlijk gespecialiseerd in Nederlandse- en Belgische- Artiesten.

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In Alphabetical order: Our EXLCUSIVE ARTISTS, ACTS, BANDS, DJ’S, ETC.:


The Dance project of Schiffie, Yessi T.
and producer Ramon Houben

  • Summer Vibes (incl. several Remixes)
  • Livin’ My Dream
  • My Fantasy
  • Sprankl!n’


Price Category: < € 1,000

Benny Dehaen

Benny Plays also in Duo, Trio, Kwartet or Band form,
With / without another singer (male/female).

Price Category: < € 500

D-Pin & The Little One

A Project of DJ & Producers:
D-Pin = LJP (Luc J. Ploegman)
The Little One (Koen)

This is the only single since 2009,
But maybe they will make new music thogher this year.

Price Category: < € 500

Dirk Drost

A Dutch singer, combines own songs with cover songs

  • Oranje Kampioen
  • We Gaan Weer Los


    Price Category: < € 1.000

DJ DouLicious

A DJ’s Brother in laws project of Schiffie & DJ Kenny W.

Price Category: < € 500

DJ Foppen

He is a Dutch/Netherlands DJ/Producer and makes remixes into a Ambiance Song
Folk and dance meets eachother. Party On with DJ Foppen
He is very famous in the Netherlands region Urk.

Price Catagory: < € 500

DJ Kicken*

Famous Dutch DJ, also 4 times winner of the Party-Awards,
category: Most Favority Party-DJ.

Biggest Hits:

  • (Ain’t No Party Like An) Alcoholic Party (BE: Ultra Top 50 #16)
  • We Need Some Alcohol
  • Amsterdam
  • The Sequal (La.La.La.La)
  • Victory
  • Papa Stop
  • Y.O.L.O.
  • Happy Together (BE: Ultra Top 50 #12)
  • Win This Game
  • and many more…

Price category: < € 1,000 (resident-base min. 6x p/year)
< € 1,500 – 2 hour show (with entertainment)
< € 2,000 – 4 hour show (with entertainment)

DJ Kenny W.

Brother In Law of Schiffie (Penguin Dance)
Kenny W. is also part of DJ DouLicious
but can be arranged Solo also.

Price Category: < € 500

Eduard Papen

Dutch Limburgs Singer

  • Boave De Wolken (Above The Clouds) (Radio-/Piano- Version)

    Price Category < € 500


Belgium DJ


  • Tequila
  • Heaven Lights
  • House Of God
  • Losing Control
  • Take Me Far Away
  • World Of Fear
  • You Got Me
  • Only Fans
  • and many more…

Price Category: < € 500


Horst Krefelder (Mr. Move)

German Singer, famous of the TV-Show:
SuperStar in Germany.


  • Amore Per Te
  • Stand By Me (2K21)

    Price Category: < € 1,000

Ian Barras

Famous Dutch DJ, also playing of festivals like Tomorrowland,
Extrema Outdoor, etc.


  • Zullen We Maar Weer… (…Een Potje Dansen) ?
  • Caroesa
  • and many more…

    Price Category: < € 750


iWill Brouns former leadsinger of the Dutch-Limburgs Band
De Schintaler.

Special ode to textwriter: Guus Smeets (he died after writing this song):

  • Wie Water En Zand

Price Category: < € 500


Kevin Heye

Belgium performer, combines own songs with songs of
André Hazes (Sr. & Jr.), also performs in Duo with singer Maikel.
Also famous of the TV-Show The Voice Of Belgium / Flamisch,
where he reached the Finals !!


  • Zorgeloos (writen by Paul Pans)

Price Category: < € 500



Local Famous CarnavalsDuo in the Netherlands – Limburg
city Kerkrade, they sing in the local dialect.


  • ‘T Schönste Auf Der Welt (Bitte Danke Version)
  • Karnavalsmedley
  • Kirchroadscher Schjlager Medley
  • Kirchroadscher Spitzenschjlager Medley
  • Karnavalsmedley 2023
  • 2024 to come

    Price Category: < € 500


Dutch DJ/Producer Luc J. Ploegman


  • No Hope
  • Got It All
  • Long Way Drive
  • Love Games
  • Driftwood
  • and many more…

    Price Category: < € 500


Marco Schouten

Dutch Singer Local he is Famous.


  • Viva In Fiesta
  • Hou Me Vast
  • Hoera Rettekettet!
  • and more…

Price Category: < € 500 for 1x 30 minutes
< € 1,000 for 4-5 hours (30 min./hour)

Oldskool Boyz

Famous Dutch DJ/Producer, makes a lot of remixes for other artists also.


  • Zullen We Maar Weer… (…Een Potje Dansen) ? (Remake)
  • Monkey Business
  • Hypnotize
  • Vuin
  • 2-Sparks – Summer Vibes (several Remixes)
  • and many more…


    Price Category: < € 750

Paul McPansyTown

A.K.A. Paul Pans (song- & textwriter & producer)


  • Christmas, The First Time Now Without You
  • Let’s Drink And Sing On Sint-Patrick’s-Day
  • I Found Love And Happiness With You
  • Album: New Classic And Mer


Paul Pans

Belgium Song- & Text- Writer & Producer.

Several writen, like Zorgeloos, Sexy

Rasss Echt

Dutch Limburgse Band, plays Accordeon music, Harmonica, Gitar, Drums, Tirol, Octoberfest, etc. Ambiance


  • Einmag’ Sehen Wir Uns Wieder
  • Bei Locker Wer Ich Locker
  • Stamtisch Zeit

Price Catagory: < € 1,500

Schiffie & Co.

An International project, famous because of their biggest Hits:
– Penguin Dance – Parrottwist – The Handwash-Show – Etc.

International because the leadsinger Schiffie (Patrick Schiffelers) was born in the Netherlands, but moved in 2009 for the love (who he is now married to) to Belgium; – The Voice Over, the Main Co. is DJ Kicken, born and lives in the Netherlands; The Producere also a Co. (Ramon Houben), is also born in the Netherlands and moved for the love (who he is married to) to Germany. So it is a Dutch/Netherlands + Belgium + German project.

With Hits in The Charts:
Single Top 100: – Pinguïndans (Penguin Dance) # 52
Flemmisch Top 30: – Pinguïndans (Penguin Dance) #1 for 8 weeks and 26 weeks in the list !
Ultra Top 50: Pinguïndans (Penguin Dance) #12
iTunes Top 100: De Handenwasshow (Handwasshow) #12 for 28 weeks in the list between 5-52 last 2 weeks 87.
iTunes Top 100: Wapperen #12 for 10 weeks in the list.

Price Catagory: < € 500

Steve Brandon

He is the Leadsinger of The Classic Illustration, but he performs also solo. With a few selected songs of The Classic Illustration and several big hits of the 70’s & 80’s till now he brings you feel good music.

Price Catagory: < € 500

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